Accommodation Tips While Waiting to Plan Your Holiday During The Pandemic.


Accommodation Tips and Star Ratings Information to Help you With Planning Holidays.

With COVID ruining travel everywhere for a while still, allow us in the meantime to share these useful accommodation tips to take note of for planning future holidays.

Everyone knows that one of the largest expenses when traveling locally or abroad is holiday accommodation and while away, you want the type of comfort you are accustomed to, without blowing your holiday budget.

With such a huge variety in accommodation options wherever you plan to visit on holiday, here are some tips that will help you get exactly what you want at a budget beating price and without compromising on creature comforts.

Let’s go over important accommodation tips covering all types of choices from singles holidays to adventure and family holidays.

Accommodation in Ocho Rios

1) Hiking, backpacking, gap year students sharing Hostels and dorms: Choose the smaller dorms in hostels that are preferable over the large ones, even if they are more expensive. You may still end up sharing with someone but you can get some great travel information from your roommates.

Do some diligent research while planning your GAP year or backpacking tours to make sure the hostel, youth center or backpacking hotel is reputable, and then always double-check and confirm bookings well in advance before leaving for your next destination each time.

2) Planning family holidays: You should always try to get holiday accommodation as near to the airport as possible if you don’t want to rent a car while on holiday. Check whether the hotel has a shuttle service or taxis available or whether the holiday package includes airport transfers.

Something that you must always consider in this case is that not all airports are located in the best areas of the cities and there may be a lot of noise from aircraft activity.  Levels of crime could also be higher close to some airports where criminals prey on travelers.

When choosing holiday accommodation; although you will find close to airport options cheap and comfortable, they might not be secure and you will have to endure the noise, and travel further for some sightseeing activities or to local beaches.

Playasol Riviera Hotel

3) Location of holiday accommodations plays a large part in what you will pay for them: All Hotels, Resorts, and holiday rentals will always charge a premium rate in exchange for the convenience of their location; this may be close to beaches, holiday activities and amenities. For a good example, check the prices for holiday accommodation on or close to Disneyland in comparison to others on the outskirts of towns or cities.

4) Choose accommodations that are relative to the tours and holiday activities you have planned for your holidays: For example, if you are going together as a family you will enjoy much better use of your limited vacation time by making sure the travel distances between the tours and attractions are as short as possible.

If you want to see sights in London for example, then get accommodation within London or in the nearby locations where bus, train, and taxi transport to London is easily accessible..

5) Hotel, Resort, and B&B Star ratings aren’t everything when you choose holiday accommodation: Even one-star hotels, resorts, and hostels are clean, have great services, and good food if it is inclusive.

When you are staying for a longer duration while abroad go down a few 'stars' and you will find an enormous difference in rates plus you save a ton of money in the difference.  Other options to consider are the comparisons between all-inclusive, package deals, bed, and breakfast or dinner and self-catering.

You will always get what you pay for, and often a lot of amenities and facilities you might not even use but will still pay for them regardless.

Holiday Resorts

Accommodation Tips Regarding Star Ratings

You can always trust large established chains such as the Hilton or other well-known brand resorts, but do your homework when choosing accommodation because smaller independent chains with fewer stars also have their merits besides being cheaper.

Although the star rating system was created to help guests and tourists judge how good a hotel is, these days many people read the reviews and take these as gospel rather than look at what the accommodation offers.

Star ratings will indicate the level of services, comfort, and standards a guest can expect, recognized worldwide and rated from 1 – 5.  Stars are allocated to accommodation according to the quality of service, facilities and amenities, the size and condition of rooms, furnishings, and the food.

They are also given according to safety and security, the standards of the buildings, and the efficiency of staff and services for guests.  Here are some accommodation tips regards star ratings;

1 Star Rated Accommodations

These are down-to-earth types of hotels and resorts or motels offering guests practical and budget-beating accommodation.  They will offer you all the basics and sometimes the ablution facilities will be communal with the same applying for dining which may mean buffet meals too.

One-star accommodation is very cheap in most instances and a bargain which makes them great for those on tight budgets that are not worried about en-suite or luxury accommodations.

Accommodation Tips; before paying for your accommodations first check the rooms and facilities, because you don't want the bed bugs to bite.  Also check the location is in a safe area of the town or city and that there is access to public transport.

2 Star Rated Accommodations

Although many hotels, motels, and smaller resorts offer en-suite facilities there are still a few where you might have to share a shower and bathrooms with other guests.

Most two-star accommodation options will offer comfortable furnishings and television, with choices for bed and breakfast or bed and dinner, either both or one of these two choices.


3 Star Rated Accommodations

As with going up in star ratings, almost all 3-star accommodations offer private bathrooms in rooms and color television with comfortable furnishings.  Some may offer stocked minibars and additional vending machines, free ice, snacks, and cable TV.

These days 3-star accommodation comes with improved services and facilities, inclusive bed and breakfast, improved staff service, and even room cleaning.  Resorts, hotels, and motels vying for another star will go out of their way to get good reviews which help them along the way.

4 Star Rated Accommodations

With Four-star hotels, resorts, motels, and other accommodations you are now going upper class and this means paying more for the luxury you should get.  All of these offers spacious rooms with private bathrooms and as close to luxury as possible in all the creature comforts. Look forward to higher-level services, emphasis on quality dining facilities, including room service and cleaning, dry cleaning and great locations.


5 Star Accommodations are The Top of the Log

Need it be said that this accommodation is simply the best of everything and often comes at the highest cost with it? The interiors and rooms will all be of the highest standard possible to treat guests with pampering and luxury.

Stylishly furnished rooms with services for guests are unsurpassed and anything amiss will immediately be addressed and resolved.  Five-star means that nothing is too much for guests and there will always be room service, luxury amenities, jacuzzis, spas, massages, and other luxury services available.

Guests will enjoy flawless services and high standards in luxury and delicious meals to make sure guests are always happy with everything.

These holiday accommodation tips regarding star ratings are a general guide to what you should expect while choosing accommodation.  Even so, sometimes lower star rated accommodations are also top class, treating guests with everything of the highest standards. Naturally, all of them want a 5-star review from guests as this is good for future business.

With so many hotel chains and resorts and in so many different countries there can often be a lack of consistency in hotel ratings.  Sometimes a 2-star hotel in a certain country will make you feel as if you are staying in a 4-star hotel because the services and facilities were fabulous.

It can go either way where a top-class hotel gives you less than great services that you were expecting for what they have been rated for!

Help for All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Some Help to Make Holiday Accommodation Choices

Where it comes to useful accommodation tips, reviews go a long way in helping people choose the accommodation they want and other options are asking trusted friends or colleagues that have traveled to the same destination what they would recommend.

You can also do some research online about the hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast by typing the name of your intended hotel and reading what they offer in facilities and services.  Trip Advisor is also useful to find reviews that will help you choose accommodation for your holidays.

Naturally, these reviews are a great watchdog to find great accommodation, but beware, even these are often negative because in this world even the smallest thing going wrong can make some people throw their toys out of the cot.

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They will of course then negatively rant and rave in the review they write, but in reality, the hotel was still great holiday accommodation.

Use your common sense with the above in mind when choosing accommodations for trips abroad to ensure that you all have an enjoyable and memorable vacation!

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