8 Popular Must Visit Popular Holiday Destinations for Wonderful Family Beach Holidays & Tours Experiences.

8 Top Popular Holiday Destinations for Memorable Travel Abroad For The Whole Family!

Popular Holiday Destinations

Do You Want to Know Where People are Choosing to Spend their Yearly Vacations?

With the feedback from our travel partners, here is a list of popular holiday destinations which people in the United Kingdom and from the United States are choosing to visit this year which will help give you some ideas of your own to plan your upcoming yearly vacation during the school holidays.

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1. Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia Spain

Costa Tropical is a beautiful beach paradise and one of the main attractions is the subtropical climate where the sun shines for more than 300 days a year. Travellers from Spain and from all over the world flock to this beautiful destination boasting shimmering calm blue waters, sandy beaches, and clear blue skies.

If you want peace and relaxation to soak up the tropical sun on the beach, there are no better choices than the many beach spots in Andalucia.

There are endless activities for adventure lovers such as water-sports, beach volleyball, swimming in the deep waters, deep-sea diving and sightseeing. Some top beaches include The La Herradura beach (Granada), La Calaza situated in the Herradura region, Barranco de en Medio (Almuñécar), San Cristobel (Almuñécar), Calabajio (Almuñécar).

There are numerous attractions for sightseeing and other exciting holiday adventure activities at this destination that will cater for the whole family.
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Andaluscia Beaches 2

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2. Athens, Greece

Athens Beaches

Athens is a hugely popular destination attracting tourist and family holidaymakers from all over the world this year. This vacation spot offers a super warm climate that can also get uncomfortably hot at certain times of the year so choose your vacation months carefully.

The beaches around Athens are numerous, located around the coast of Attica with awesome swimming spots to explore.

If you like secluded beaches, there are miles of gorgeous luxurious stretches of sand to relax and bask in the sunshine next to crisp clear ocean waters.

Popular Beaches to visit here include:

  • The Astir Vouliagmeni
  • The Kavouri Beach
  • The Kape Cres Beach
  • The Wabanaki – Varkiza.Beach
  • The Beach of Sounio

…and you will find the Edem beach the closest beach to Athens City Center.

Holiday activities abound with awe-inspiring sightseeing, numerous water sports activities and fun family tours.

Athens is rooted in its Greek history and is the capital city of Greece, a cultural centre with delicious cuisine, great theatre and entertainment, the Acropolis, and generous friendly Greek hospitality, particularly towards foreigners and tourists.

The best time to visit Athens is in the spring when the weather is comfortably warm and accommodation rates are reasonable.

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Athens Beaches

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3. Cancun, Mexico

Popular Holiday Destinations

Holidays to Mexico are very popular holiday destinations for United kingdom visitors fed up of the cold.

This warm sunny destination is absolutely beautiful offering beach lovers gorgeous white sandy beaches stretching for miles as far as the eye can see, warm tropical sunshine and beautiful blue oceans…

Considering this is a top tourist spot for visitors from all over the world you will find some of the finest luxurious Mexican resorts and hotels in Cancun. With a wide choice for everyone, there will never be any problem finding the perfect affordable accommodations according to your budget.

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One of the popular activities here is snorkelling in warm, crystal clear blue waters, or luxuriating on soft sandy beaches soaking up the warm sunshine.

There are of course loads of water sports for the adventurous and you can rent jet skis, surfboards and body-boards or if you like, enjoy the thrill of parasailing where you can take in breathtaking views of this sensational destination, and capture a few photo’s while you’re at it!

If you are planning holidays to Cancun, plan a tour where you can hop the ferry across the bay to Isla Mujeres. The name of this island means “Island of Women”.  Taking place during October the Isla Mujeres International Music Festival takes place here too.

Isla Mujeres is perfect for the ultimate in relaxation on holidays to Mexico with an island atmosphere relatively quiet compared to actual Cancun or Cozumel.

Some popular beaches in Cancun include:

  • Playa Tortugas – The Turtle Beach
  • Playa Caracol – The Snail Beach
  • Playa Gaviota Azul – The Blue Seagull Beach
  • Playa Chac Mool
  • Playa Marlin – The Marlin Beach.

The Playa Norte Beach was always referred to as the topless beach located on the north edge of town with warm shallow, calm blue water and close by local cafes.

Close by is yet another popular and very beautiful beach a lot quieter called the Playa Lancheros.

On the south side of the island is the reconstructed ancient Mayan temple on the top of the cliff with a wonderful panoramic view over the ocean.

The Garrafon Beach is another popular spot to visit great for beginner snorkelling and there are sunken cannons, an anchor and the resident Angelfish.

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4. Canary Islands, Spain

Canary island Beaches

The best times of the year to visit the Canary Islands is from August through to December when the climate is warm and sunny with November through to April being the most popular for tourists.

For the best vacation accommodation, it is always wise to book well in advance to get the best value for money to this beautiful destination. 

The beauty of the Canary Islands is breathtaking and the scenery off the coast of north-western Africa is simply breathtaking.

Sightseeing tours offer tourists sights of majestic rugged volcanic isles, and the contrast of the black ash against the dazzling white-sandy beaches is beautiful.

Plan your sun family all-inclusive cheap holiday packages to Tenerife, the largest island dominated by the sometimes-snowy, active volcano Mt. Teide.

On your holidays here explore lush forest, lounge on velvety beaches and be awed by miles of sand dunes in every direction.

Popular beaches in the Canary Islands include:

  • The Teresitas, Tenerife
  • The Playa el Bullullo, Tenerife
  • The Playa del Duque, Tenerife
  • The Playa del Verodal, El Hierro
  • The Playa de las Vueltas, La Gomera

The Canary Islands is a popular British and American holiday destination and you will be sure to visit it over and over again more, once you have been there on your first holiday.

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Canary island Beaches

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5.  Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast

The extremely popular holiday destination the ‘Amalfi Coast’ is a 50-kilometre stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s ‘Sorrentine Peninsula’ located, in the Campania region.

Best months to visit are august to October but peak months are said to be May during the spring when the flowers bloom and when tourists numbers are at their lowest.

The Amalfi coast offers incredible views with breathtaking cliffs plunging directly into the sea offering panoramic breathtakingly beautiful scenery.  The delicious dining, island shopping and relaxing on the beach make this is a first-class family holiday.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a popular honeymoon destination but it is wise to choose quieter months of May and June for your honeymoon.

During the summer months, tourists pack the gorgeous beaches and swarm around sightseeing at the quaint fishing villages, touring the stunning lemon groves and vintage wineries.

There are numerous guided tours at this wonderful holiday spot that will help you enjoy the Amalfi coast to the fullest.  You can also take scenic boat rides or rent a car to visit the interesting villages along the coast.

Some must-see places to visit definitely include the spectacular Duomo di Salerno Cathedral and the Valle Delle Ferriere a beautiful cascading waterfall in luscious natural surroundings.

Multiple tours are available to see the best Amalfi coast has to offer and you will love every day that you visit this delightful Italian island with the friendly locals that welcome visitors.

Best beaches to visit here include:

  • The beach of Vietri Sul Mare
  • The beach of Erchie
  • The Beach of Furore
  • Beaches of Praiano

The beaches of Maiori are the most popular and largest of the sandy beaches along the coast visited by tourists.

The Amalfi coast offers some of the most picturesque scenery and offers tourists and families everything they desire for a relaxing holiday in the sun on sensational beaches.

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Amalfi Coast

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6. St. Tropez and Port Grimaud, French Riviera, France

Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud Beach and St Tropez in France are very popular holiday destinations vacations spots for British tourists and American tourists alike.

These fabulous coastal beach destinations offer you a wonderful holiday with lots of adventure activities, sightseeing and tours.  You will love sampling the French cuisine and enjoy the friendliness of the local people.

If you want to go all out and spoil yourself and your family with a luxurious beach sun holiday then you can choose a trip to St. Tropez in France.

Best times to visit are June through to September when the weather is comfortably warm although this is also a busy period when tourists flock to the French Riviera.

This is also a very popular destination for celebrities meaning you will pay a lot more for your sun holiday but it will certainly be a memorable one at that.

Most Popular Beaches Include:

  • The Plage des Granier’s Beaches
  • The Popular Pampelonne Beach
  • Pearl Beach Saint-Tropez
  • La Ponche Beach
  • Plages de Saint-Tropez

St Tropez offers many endless sandy beaches, warm climate, beautiful crisp waters and a wonderful place for sightseeing and relaxation. This is one of the top popular

This is also the perfect family holiday beach for young children where they can learn to swim in shallow waters and participate in other fun holiday games and activities.

More than likely you could spot a celeb on The Plage de Grimaud catching rays in St. Tropez, as it is the most popular tourist’s attraction and beach in the area.

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Port Grimaud

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7.  Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Florida Theme Parks

Disneyland Paris Holidays

Many people dream of visiting Walt Disney World or have heard about it, if you live in the UK then you and your family will love a cheap holiday vacation this summer at Disneyland Paris.

For the United States, the Disneyland destinations of choice are naturally Orlando in Florida but tourists from all over the world still flock to both Disneyland destinations.

Who can say they have never loved all of Walt Disney’s characters?  Still today they bring out the inner child in people!

Disneyland, Paris: Top Popular Holiday Destinations for Families

Disneyland Paris is situated around twenty miles from Paris and this wonderful theme park is also known as Euro Disney. While you visit you can look forward to finding wonderful shops, all manner of options in hotels and a variety of super restaurants.

Best times to visit is from August to early November due to all the events and festivities at Disneyland in Paris, for Disneyland, Orlando from September to November is the best time to visit.

Visitors will discover that there are two parks which are down to the finest details similar to the Magic Kingdom and the Disney MGM Studios.

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The Magic Kingdom boasts over forty-two mesmerizing attractions while the Disney Studio has thrilling rides that young and old will love all created in a movie like setting.

Take a Main Street USA walk which is exciting and a memory on its own that you will not forget, the steam train is a ride that no one should miss out on.  Disneyland Paris now has newer attractions than ever before and in the evenings look forward to a magical fireworks display that never disappoints.

There are always a variety of daily fantasy parades and if you decide to visit during the Christmas period, look forward to a huge procession that excites children and thrills adults every year. Don’t forget to check your program and choose from the numerous live shows and during this season you will see all the holiday lights and gorgeous decorations that make Disneyland Paris a magical, memorable winter wonderland.

For those that love shopping, you will find the quaint little shops great and the nearby super mall-style shopping centre is said to be one of the biggest in Europe.

Travel there by train, bus or a taxi to browse every imaginable shop including Paris designer stores catering to the newest trending fashions.  In the evenings after a fun day relax in fine restaurants to sample every possible type of cuisine either elegant or casual if you want to treat the kids.

Disneyland, Florida

Tours, fun activities and experiences at Disneyworld theme parks are too numerous to mention in this article but with some research online you will find that it can be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime.

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Disney Paris Family Holidays

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8. Caribbean Cruises

Fabulous Cruise Holidays

Caribbean cruises are some of the most popular holiday choices this year offering guests never-ending leisure and entertainment, fine foods and exotic island visits the likes of the Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Puerto Rica for some examples.

Your cruise is literally a 5-star hotel on the sea even compared to being a floating city by many boasting shopping, casinos, pools, restaurants, entertainment theatres and luxury suites that are reminiscent of luxury hotel rooms.

One of the biggest reasons that holidaymakers are choosing Caribbean cruises is because you will find everything is all-inclusive of course including accommodation, meals, entertainment, parties, transportation at ports of calls, excursions and more.

Many Caribbean cruise lines offer complimentary drinks for the duration of your cruise and the supply of gourmet food never stops either.

You can eat as much as you like when you like, or dine in style in beautiful restaurants.

Shore excursions are carefully planned to allow guests of Caribbean cruises to take in everything from sightseeing to exploring the cultures, sampling local cuisine and wonderful shopping.

Professional guides will help you with running commentaries on your excursions making certain you enjoy the experience to the maximum.

Best times to book cheap Caribbean cruises are October through to December.

Cruise Holidays

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*Other well-known beach holiday destinations that are popular include Maldives, Jamaica, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Balearic Islands, Mauritius, Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro*

Holiday Ideas

Our mission is to make it affordable for anyone to explore the world’s magical destinations so we have partnered with only the best travel companies. Choose from superb holiday deals packages that offer you a variety of breathtaking experiences at fabulous destinations at beautiful resorts and hotels.

Take a leap and make your booking so you can start looking forward to a holiday that will provide unforgettable memories. With these popular holiday destinations being such exceptional value for money and super experiences, they are snapped up fast so we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment!

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