12 Beach Holidays  Safety Tips

Stay Safe and Have Fun On Family Beach Holidays

Family Beach Holidays Safety

Swimming Safety on Family Beach Holidays

Perhaps with summer coming up soon you are planning to take the family on beach holidays and that is great but take note of some safety tips to ensure that your holiday is fun for everyone and that there are no accidents. Beach holidays are a great way to relax and unwind soaking up the sun while lounging on gorgeous beaches with the waves of the ocean lapping just a few meters away.

With the warm sun baking away the winter cold out of your bones it is easy to doze off and if you have children left unsupervised something serious could happen that could be regretted forever because small children are lured to play in the water and without someone taking care of them they could become another drowning statistic

Family Beach Holidays Safety

While on holidays at beach locations there are some safety tips that should be kept in mind for you and also for the safety of your children especially the little ones.

Children love swimming and accidents can happen at any time especially when there is water involved.

  1. a) Only swim where there are lifeguards present and always make certain children are supervised.
  2. b) At beach holidays destinations safe swimming points are often demarcated so swim within these areas only.
  3. c) Only swim where there are other people around in case you need assistance for an emergency
  4. d) Surfing, body boarding and snorkelling should be avoided where there are seals or seabirds diving for fish.
  5. e) If you see someone in trouble alert lifeguards or coast guards immediately. Don’t try and be a hero.
  6. f) Don’t drink alcohol and then go swimming especially in beach destinations where the wavesare rough.
  7. g) Don’t dive in or from tidal pool shelves because rocks and barnacles can cause serious injuries.
  8. h) Use sun screen protection on your skin because UV rays can cause serious burns and wear a hat and sunglasses.
  9. i) Stay out of the sun on the hottest times of the day normally just before and around noon.
  10. k) Small children under 8 must ALWAYS be accompanied by adults even at kiddie’s pools.
  11. l) When swimming in pools do not swim close to diving boards and stay away from deep ends if you are not a good swimmer.
  12. m) Know who to contact for any emergency while on beach holidays.

Beach Holidays Safety

Although the above beach safety tips are simply common sense, it is useful to be reminded of these to ensure your holiday is one of fun and relaxation and not marred by a nasty incident. Book your time in the sun on POur holiday website and get some amazing deals on family beach holidays destinations.




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