10 Tips for Travelling Safety With Small Children On Holiday and Even At Home.

10 Tips for Travelling Safety With Small Children…


What you Need to Know for Child Safety while Travelling With Children.

Many families enjoy exploring other countries and if you are flying with small children on a family holiday,  there are some travelling safety tips to be aware of that will ensure your trip abroad goes smoothly.

Today airlines do diligent safety checks to keep everyone safe for your peace of mind even though these security points can be a little tiresome for families. Everyone needs to go through these security checkpoints and in some airports, there may be more than a single check done before you get on board.

The airport security personnel need to screen everyone, no matter what ages and this includes babies and little kids. During the security check, the officers will try and keep families together for as little discomfort as possible.

Children are handled with respect and as gently as possible with offices fully aware of parents concerns and if you are helpful during security checks everything will go smoothly.

Here are some guidelines for going through security airport checkpoints:

1. Remove babies from prams and carry them while the carrier goes through the x-ray machines.
2. All items of luggage will go through X-ray machines including baby carryon bags, toys, blankets and diaper bags without exceptions.
3. If Possible collapse the pram, baby stroller, or baby seats so that they are compact to go through the x-ray machine.
4. Remove any items that you have placed in the prams or child equipment and place it in the plastic bins provided for smaller items to go through the x-ray machines.
5. Larger prams, strollers and baby seats that cannot go through the machines will be visually inspected by security officers and should they question you about certain features answer politely.
6. If your family has substantial child baggage, prams, and other items babies or small children need to ask security officers for assistance in gathering everything after the safety check as airport boarding can be busy with many passengers waiting to go through security points at a time.
7. Before final boarding, you will need to go through metal detectors and if small children can walk they will need to go through individually.
8. If you need to carry babies through the alarm may sound and if so security officers will ask to screen you and your child separately, or do an alternative security check?
9. Do not pass children and babies to security officers unless expressly requested to do so and neither to another person in front or behind you during the security check.
10. Always remember that the security personnel are just doing their job for keeping the airways safe for everyone and by cooperating fully the safety screening checks will go smoothly.

Try and limit what you want to take on board for small children which will make security screening easier. You may want to take some toys to keep small children occupied while flying and be sensible in choosing practical ones.

It can be useful to spread the carry-on bags between everyone in the family that are old enough to manage which will make it easier for everyone while ensuring that if you do have infants they will have everything they need during the flight.

When travelling overseas by air for your family holidays,  explain everything to your children that have never been on an aircraft, in what to expect including that they will be checked by security officers so that they are not fearful when the time arrives.

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